Mist eliminators

Proven and effective technology to retain micronic droplets

They resist dirty fluids and can be easily cleaned

They can fully replace Demister-type meshes

Chevron Type Vane Pack

Single wave vanes (COS)

They are custom designed folded and separated plates. They perform well in services with stable flow, moderate liquid load and dirty or corrosive fluids.

They are the oldest plate separation system and also the simplest.

COS can completely replace Demister type meshes, but with greater mechanical resistance and better performance in the presence of dirty fluids, reducing obstruction risk.

Pocket Vane Pack

Single Pocket Vanes (CSB) and Double Pocket Vanes (CDB)

Double or simple Pocket Vanes have a more sophisticated design. The addition of fins to simple profiles generate pockets that favor liquid collection and allow a greater operational range.

They are ideal for severe services, with high gas flow rates, slug and/or high liquid load. They provide high separation efficiency with minimum vessel dimensions.

The pocket vane packs allow to improve the performance of existing separators.