Coalescing Plates

Reduce the frecuency of cleaning interventions

Reduce mixing currents along separator gravity section

Improves separation efficiency

Greater efficiency

Crossed and parallel coalescing plates

ARMK Coalescing Plates promote droplet coalescence in each of the phases favoring separation. Liquid-liquid separation is based on Stokes' law. Coalescence operate on one of its factors: it increases droplet diameter. 

They reduce mixing currents along separator gravity section and help to stabilize output quality. 

The Free Water Knock Out, three-phase separators, API pools and other equipment that incorporates this technology can be smaller. Droplet Coalescing Plates are also a great option for existing equipment boosting.

Greater economy and simplicity

Special baffles

Baffles are cheaper alternative to coalescing plates suitable for less demanding processes. They order the liquid flow and reduce the wave formation in the gas-liquid interface. Baffles can induce some coalescence.