Inlet Devices

Maximize pre-separation

Order the incoming flow

Reduced vessel dimensions

Multiple Plate Diffusers (MPD)

Multiple Plate Diffusers work in a similar way to Schoepentoeter® diffusers. They remove large liquid volumes from gas streams. They withstand and reduce the impact caused by slugs by dividing the flow trough multiple channels. The pre-separation achieved in the DPM limits the liquid load that enters de gas zone and will reach the mist separators.

The DPMs can be installed in both vertical and horizontal equipment. In revamping of existing equipment, it maximizes its possible operational range.

Three-Phase Distributors

ARMK's Three-Phase Distributors reorganizes the flow entering the vessels gravity section. They reduce the initial transition stage by facilitating the gas to rise and pre-separating both liquid phases.

In combination with the coalescent plates, they allow the most demanding separation qualities to be achieved in FWKO (Free Waters Knock Out) and three-phase separators.

Simple Inlet devices

Inlet devices as shock plates and half pipe deflectors, are part of ARMK's design in equipment with low pre-separation requirements.