Optimize your gas, oil and water separation equipment performance

Our Internals will allow you to:

Ensure separation quality in new equipment

Adapt existing separators to more demanding conditions

Mist Eliminators

Retain fine droplets at the separator outlet.

Mist eliminators are accountable for more than 50% of a separator overall efficiency. Vanes are an effective solution in dirty services, or when fluid properties are not suitable for mesh type Demisters.

ARMK vane packs are tailored to your needs, optimizing the result for a vast range of operating conditions.

Inlet Devices

Ease initial separation

Inlet devices help distribute flow entering the vessel. Experience shows that a suitable design allows to reduce vessel dimensions and ensure optimal flow conditions for the following separation stages. They are also recommended to increase processing capacity on existing equipment.

Among our designs, the Multi-Plate Diffuser withstands the most severe gas- liquid separation services.

Liquid Separation Coalescing Plates

Improve liquid-liquid separation

ARMK engineered coalescing plates and baffles help to generate organized flow patterns and induce coalescence of liquid phases improving separation in separators gravity section.

They allow to optimize Free Water Knock Outs, three-phase separators and API wastewater separators. They are indicated to improve the performance of existing equipment.

Sand Jet System

Prevent bottom fouling

Sand Jet systems promote deposited solids fluidization and displacement towards bottom nozzles so the can be flushed away.

The sediments that settle at the bottom of horizontal vessels reduce the quality of liquid-liquid separation and favor vessel corrosion in the mid term. 

Our cleaning systems minimize vessel cleaning interventions.

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